Joint reporting platform for the Austrian Reporting Services (AuRep)

ABACUS/GMP is our regulatory reporting platform for the Austrian banks. This platform facilitates both national and international regulatory reporting requirements and thus, also supports the innovative input-approach for the transmission of statistical data for regulatory supervision. The standardized input-approach has been jointly developed by the Austrian National Bank (OeNB) and Austrian banks. 

ABACUS/GMP serves as the technical platform for the Austrian Reporting Services (AuRep), a joint venture of the largest Austrian banking groups, which represent 90% of the market and approximately 800 reporting entities. Furthermore, ABACUS/GMP in particular, is used by a number of smaller banks

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Product Features

ABACUS/GMP, provided by BearingPoint Software Solutions GmbH, offers a comprehensive standard software that includes both the template-based and cube-based regulatory reporting requirements in Austria, in order to fulfil all of the national and international legal requirements for the regulatory reports. Therefore, ABACUS/GMP illustrates a paradigm shift in the Austrian regulatory reporting, which is based on a common data model with granular data input.

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Abacus has been successful for many years in the German and Luxembourg market. Our market entry in Austria was initially launched with ABACUS/GMP in 2014 with FinRep and has been followed with cube-based regulatory reporting in 2015.

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The ABACUS/GMP solution addresses all of the supervisory authority’s regulatory reporting requirements in Austria. In the course of using the ABACUS/GMP Platform through AuRep, a majority of the largest Austrian banking groups (3-Banks-Group, BAWAG PSK, Bank Austria, Erste Group Bank AG, HP IT Solutions, Raiffeisen Banks Group and the Austrian Volksbanken) have already successfully created their cube-based reports with our innovative software.

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By using ABACUS/GMP, banks can realize several advantages.

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Selected Functionalities

Numerous comprehensive and over-arching module specific functionalities have been integrated in ABACUS/GMP. The following list provides a sample of the options available for selection:

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Supporting Modules

In addition to the report-relevant modules, we also offer additional supporting modules:

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Data model and Interfaces

Technical Components

ABACUS/GMP is based on a flexible Client-Server-Architecture as well as a relational data base for data storage.

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System Requirements


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