ABACUS/Solvency II and ABACUS/4U

Reporting solution meeting the Solvency II (Pillar 3) reporting requirements of EIOPA

ABACUS/Solvency II is our standard software solution to support insurance companies in preparation of the regulatory reports in accordance with Solvency II (Pillar 3).
The software is based on the proven ABACUS platform that has been used successfully for many years by a number of our customers.

ABACUS/4U is our adjusted ABACUS/Solvency II solution specially designed to help insurers transition from EIOPA’s T4U.

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Product Features

With ABACUS/Solvency II, BearingPoint Software Solutions GmbH offers a comprehensive off-the-shelf standards based software package for regulatory reporting by insurance companies in accordance with Solvency II. It covers current statutory requirements on the basis of the specifications from the European Insurance and Occupational Pension Authority (EIOPA) in the field of Solvency II (Pillar 3).

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ABACUS/Solvency II is a standardized solution, which was developed on the basis of the tested ABACUS technologies especially for the reporting field in accordance with Solvency II.

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ABACUS/Solvency II is used flexibly in small, mid-sized and very large insurance companies in diverse IT landscapes.
With the modular development ABACUS/Solvency II is suitable for smaller, medium-sized as well as for very large insurance companies from the primary insurance and the reinsurance fields.
ABACUS/Solvency II is being used by a number of reputed insurance companies and their entities. Through a widely strewn client structure (around Europe from the primary insurance and the reinsurance fields) our product covers diverse requirements, in technical and in professional aspects.


Find out how you can benefit from using ABACUS/Solvency II.
ABACUS/Solvency II is based on the successful, established ABACUS/DaVinci technology, which is used extensively for regulatory reporting in the banking environment and offers insurance companies many benefits:

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Regulatory reporting

ABACUS/Solvency II supports the regulatory reporting Solvency II for insurers with numerous functionalities. Read here more about the core functionalities of our software solution.

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Additional functionality

Our product ABACUS/Solvency II can also be used outside the regulatory reporting (e.g. management reporting).

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Support modules

Apart from the reporting-relevant modules we can offer other supporting modules:

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Data model and interfaces

ABACUS/Solvency II is based on a relational data model, about which you can obtain information here.

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Technical components

ABACUS/Solvency II is a web application, which is based on a tested client-server-architecture. Read here more about the web-based application:

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System Requirements


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